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Staged Auto Accident Seminar at 2018 WSATI by L. A. Attorney Jon Colman

WSATI 2018 in MontBleu Resort, South Lake TahoeThe 2018 Western States Auto Theft Investigators Association conference in South Lake Tahoe will feature a four-hour seminar with live demonstrations of staged auto accidents.

The host organization is made up of law enforcement, insurance companies, prosecutors and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Los Angeles attorney Jon Colman, an expert on fraudulent car collision cases, will share insights and techniques for exposing the ever-more-sophisticated methods used in this crime epidemic.

Jon will be joined on the panel by Impact General’s President/CEO Bill King and Senior Vehicle Collision Reconstructionist Michael Rice.

Live Demo of Staged Accidents

Attend our session on Tuesday, Oct. 9 ~ 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

The program, Forensics for Staged Vehicle Collisions and Effective Legal Strategies, will begin with live low-speed car collisions. Then we’ll reveal how to spot telltale signs of a sham collision plus the related tip-offs, from repeat fact patterns to repeat offenders (body shops, attorneys, medical providers).

Conference details
Oct. 8 – 10, 2018
MontBleu Resort
South Lake Tahoe
Stateline, NV

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