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High Praise for “Smoke Chasers, Storm Chasers and PA’s! Oh My!” from L.A. Attorney Jon Colman

Attorney Jon Colman, an insurance fraud prevention expert, and his co-presenters were lauded for their recent webinar presentation of “Smoke Chasers, Storm Chasers and PA’s! Oh My!” sponsored by the Property & Liability Resource Bureau (PLRB) on June 13th, 2024.

Survey respondents gave the presentation an overall score of 9.36 out of 10 points possible, giving the presentation a solid “A” grade.

At the online event, a webinar version of his presentation of the same name from PLRB’s Claims Conference & Insurance Expo in March, Colman and co-presenters on the panel discussed the latest public adjuster scams, offered tips to deter questionable claims and shared their personal stories.

“It open[ed] my eyes to further investigate these types of claims.”

“… great explanations, examples, and clarity on this topic.”

“[Presenters had] insight and actual claim background in the handling of suspicious and doubtful claims.”

“It was great to hear about the issues that we experience with MMA and I learned some items that I was not previously aware of.”

“Great presenters with in-depth knowledge of their fields.”

“[The] information was applicable to our work.”

Respondents also wrote that they appreciated hearing about the experiences of the presenters.  It was an “interesting topic,” “very informative,” and included “ideas on early intervention when red flags arise.” 

Jon is a founding partner of Colman Perkins Law Group in Los Angeles, an insurance defense firm that also conducts trainings for insurance professionals. In “Storm Chasers,” he and his co-presenters cover topics such as:

  • Identifying the most common scenarios driven by questionable public adjusters, including an understanding of the “supporting roles.”
  • A review of current PA schemes, concentrating on specific geographical areas, and how these are expanding to other venues.
  • A deep dive into extensive hurricane, wildfire and hail loss claims and how public adjusters have fueled multi-million dollars worth of claims.
  • “Outside the box” investigative techniques and legal theories to help deter future questionable claims.

To participate in a future presentation of “Smoke Chasers, Storm Chasers and PA’s! Oh My!” or similar trainings, contact Colman Perkins Law Group.

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