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Custom Training for Insurance Claims Teams: A Colman Perkins Law Group Specialty

California insurance companies looking for training know they have a partner in Colman Perkins Law Group—on virtually every trend in claims investigation and fraud under the sun.

In 2023, attorney Michele Levinson offered dozens of these custom sessions, available by request with each audience’s specific needs in focus. She expects just as many in 2024.

“I always try to make these trainings interactive, with enough strong material that investigators and claims personnel of all experience levels can get something out of it,” Levinson said.

Levinson was especially busy in the fourth quarter of 2023, leading programs such as:

“Identifying Red Flags in Property and Auto Claims”
Client: State Farm

The team traveled to Tempe, Arizona to offer in-person training to 70 SIU (special investigation unit) personnel. These wide-ranging sessions covered a variety of scams, arming investigators with leading-edge knowledge to fight auto insurance fraud.

“Smoke and Ash Investigations”
Client: Auto Club

Levinson partnered with Sheri O’Neil, a claims examiner with AAA specializing in major cases, to separate fact from fiction in smoke and ash claims. 600 Auto Club claims personnel left the training with a better understanding of red flags in California wildfire claims.

“Examinations Under Oath: Cell Phone/Cell Tower Data and Depositions”
Client: Liberty Mutual

In Plano, Texas, Levinson took participants through every step of the deposition process, with particular attention given to handling pushback from the insured to requests for cell phone records. This in-depth training prepared claims personnel to represent Liberty Mutual Insurance with confidence.

“Our team found the training opportunities led by Michele Levinson extremely valuable. In our ongoing fight against fraud, it’s imperative that we’re aware of the latest trends and have a solid understanding of the legal process. Colman Perkins Law Group is an important partner in providing us with this critical knowledge.” – Participant

“California Anti-Fraud Training”
Client: Kemper Insurance California

In December, Levinson led participants from Kemper Insurance step-by-step through an overview of pertinent SIU regulations, trends reported by the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), and red flags indicating staged losses.

In addition to these custom training sessions, Founding Partner Jon Colman and others from Colman Perkins Law Group regularly provide training at regional and national conferences.

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