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Colman Law Group Sweep — Two Weeks, Two Jury Trials, Two Defense Verdicts

Glendale firm Colman Law Group is celebrating two fall 2019 court victories, back to back.

First, Colman attorneys Jim Perkins and Dennis Newitt teamed up to take a defense verdict in a two-vehicle intersection collision case. Each driver claimed they had the right-of-way on a green light/green left turn arrow. The plaintiff sustained an ankle fracture, which she pitched to the jury as worth $9.5 million. After two-and-a-half hours of deliberation, the jury at Compton Superior Court announced otherwise.

Then with a lineup of Jim Perkins and Brad Byszewski, they tackled a pedestrian versus auto case in an Orange County trial. The plaintiff, riding his skateboard on a sidewalk in Huntington Beach, crossed an intersection and encountered a fully loaded cement truck turning left. The plaintiff avoided the truck but fell backward off his skateboard and alleged injuries to his neck, back and wrist.

After surgery and medical expenses of $375,000, plaintiff demanded $500,000 pre-trial and rejected defendant’s final offer of $100,000. A four-day trial culminated in three-and-a-half hours of jury deliberations and a 12-0 defense verdict on liability, finding the truck driver did not contribute to the occurrence of the incident.

Jim Perkins, Los Angeles defense attorney
Jim Perkins
Dennis Newitt, Los Angeles insurance defense lawyer
Dennis Newitt
Brad Byszewski, Colman Law defense attorney, Glendale office
Brad Byszewski

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