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Free Recording of Anti-Fraud Alliance Training on EDRs in Car Accident Claims

Anti Fraud Alliance website, the host of EDR training programIf you missed the virtual Anti-Fraud Alliance training in early December, here’s a second chance to find out the latest in using EDR evidence to combat insurance fraud.

We’re sharing the two-hour recording of experts discussing automobile event data recorders and their role in insurance claims. This free program covers reconstructing accidents and how the black box helps in assessing vehicle damage and oversight of body shops.

Among the speakers is Heather Roberts, senior special investigator at Safeco/Liberty Mutual Insurance, at the 1:10:02 mark. And Glendale attorney Jon Colman begins immediately after Heather, at 1:26:44, covering the legal aspects of EDR usage. He discusses how black box records can reveal fraud, help establish liability and assist in examinations under oath and in planning and taking depositions.

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