Miranda Hunt
Legal Assistant

: Sacramento: (916) 333-7090: mhunt@colmanlawgroup.com

    Miranda Hunt started her career at law firms as a receptionist. Interested in the field, she worked her way up and now assists in managing cases in Colman Perkins Law Group’s Sacramento office.

    Among Miranda’s responsibilities are interacting with the insurance carriers for scheduling and new matter intake. She also coordinates depositions, mediations, EUOs and court appearances.

    Adding to her experience in the field of construction defect, Miranda “is enjoying learning at CPLG. Insurance fraud is fascinating!”

    She is a lifelong Sacramento resident with deep knowledge and enthusiasm for its downtown restaurants. When she isn’t working, Miranda enjoys watching the San Jose Sharks and the Utah Jazz and spending time with her husband and their two terrier-mix rescue dogs, Buster Posey and Chester Lee.