Complimentary SIU Training for Insurers from Colman Law Group

Complimentary SIU Training for Insurers from Colman Law Group

Colman Law Group attorneys Jon Colman, Dan Everakes and Brad Byszewski provided California-mandated SIU training for Mendota Insurance in Chicago on July 17, 2015.

SIU seminar at Mendota Insurance in Chicago.
Dan Everakes, Jon Colman & Brad Byszewski present tools for defeating insurance fraud.

The seminar addressed current fraud trends and effective tools for defeating staged accidents. In addition, the class held a lively discussion on excessive loss of use claims (an ongoing problem for the many Colman clients providing property damage and collision coverage to insureds).

The Mendota team also learned about recent developments in Howell (Howell v Hamilton Meats (2011) 52 Cal. 4th 541) and were provided with negotiating tools to help reduce company exposure on medical claims.

Other topics covered in the 2.5-hour presentation included:
Practicing Law vs. The Practice of Law
Examinations Under Oath
Bodily Injury Evaluation Tips
The ABCs of CPT
Pre-Litigation and Litigation Strategies

Complimentary training
Colman Law Group is pleased to provide complimentary training throughout the United States. Please contact Kymberly Cole Threlfell for further information.

Upcoming lectures
Staged Accident Training (with live demonstrations), San Antonio – October
Mock Arson Trial, Louisville – November
Mock Deposition Exercise, annual SCFIA Conference, Palm Springs – November

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