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Announcing Colman Perkins Law Group

On March 1, 2021, Colman Law Group became Colman Perkins Law Group. We’re pleased to say Jim Perkins, formerly senior partner at our Glendale-based insurance defense and business litigation practice, now shares the reins at the firm.

Jim Perkins, Los Angeles business litigation and insurance defense attorneyWith more than 60 successful jury verdicts and thousands of depositions on record, Jim is a formidable advocate for his clients and far more humble than is necessary.

Among his specialties are fierce defense in large exposure civil litigation and representing carriers in affirmative cases of suspected fraud rings and alleged illegal practice of corporate medicine.

Jim is also a sharp challenger in suspect claims investigations, examinations under oath and preparation of related coverage opinions.

We’re honored to announce Jim’s new position and applaud his contributions to and leadership at the firm.

While our name has changed, our firm addresses, phone numbers and email addresses remain the same.

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