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Cheryl Gall

Claims Legal Analyst

Cheryl Gall is a claims legal analyst for Colman Perkins Law Group. She brings 19 years of insurance claims investigations to her position.

Most recently, she was a quality control and training manager for a private investigation firm in Huntington Beach and handled field cases in her area of Prescott, Arizona. Her quality control position focused on developing and maintaining claims investigation policies and training materials and auditing work product prior to submission to the client. She routinely conducted claims investigation training for new hires and cross-trained to ensure compliance and competency were at the highest standard.

Cheryl started her career in SIU with Travelers Insurance. Her SIU training at Claims University included M&O Fire, Auto Property Damage and Bodily Injury, Medical Fraud Investigator III, and Workers Compensation. Her focus of investigations was medical fraud (chiropractic), including clinic inspections and DME (durable medical equipment) investigations, large exposure cases that typically involved, but were not limited to, organized crime involving staged auto collisions with BI (bodily injury), liability, and property.

Cheryl has a unique background. She started her investigative career as a U.S. Marine, later graduating with honors from the California State University, Long Beach. She served in the Laguna Beach Police Department, assisting in the financial crimes unit. She continued to gain work and life experience in the industrial security office at Rockwell International, working in corporate retail asset protection with a focus on organized crime and internal theft.

Cheryl loves spending time outdoors with her labradoodle “Cooper,” hiking, and camping. She enjoys motivating others toward personal empowerment and having a work-life balance.

California State University Long Beach, B.S. Occupational Studies

Fraud Claims Law Specialist (FCLS)


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